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Wedding Services

Let us capture that Golden moments of you're big day!





Your wedding day is the single most important day of your life and you would like everything to be perfect! There are many arrangements and effort going into the planning of your big day. Most weddings are planned months ahead, and time flies by between getting the right venue, sending out invitations, find the best caterer, fitting clothes, guest lists and so on. Before you know it, the Big day has arrived!

On the day of your wedding you are anxious, nervous , cheerful and full of expectations....all at the same time. In most cases everything is hazy and  happening so fast...and before you know, you're dream day is over and done...

It is therefore crucial that you have something that will keep the memories of that special day fresh in you're mind. A Professional Video recording of the proceedings will re-tell the story of you're golden day, while a professional set of photos will highlight all that golden moments you and you're family will treasure in the years to come.

We can offer you various Photo- and Video packages, or a combination of the two and qualify for a discount (follow links underneath for more information and pricing )



Wedding Photo Packages

Wedding Video Packages


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