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Here is some examples of weddings previously covered by Gemini Solutions. Please feel free to browse through and enjoy the golden moments of the people featuring in the pictures...who knows there might even be someone you know? Choose the Album that you want to view by selecting the associated picture. 25 Year experience in Wedding Photography, + 500 Wedding in our Books.


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Bowler Wedding

Bolton Wedding Gerber Wedding Khan Wedding  
Coetzee Wedding Perold Wedding Brits Wedding Basson Wedding  
Gouws Wedding Pretorius Wedding Roets Wedding Smith Wedding  
Smith Wedding Strydom Wedding Van Eeden Wedding Croucamp Wedding  
Van Tonder Wedding Olivier Wedding Showcase - Wedding Dresses and Hall Clocks Vrey Wedding  
Bridal Boudior Photo Shoots Boshoff Wedding Pre - Wedding Photo Shoots Honeymoon Boudior Photo Shoots  
Bachelorette Parties Koekemoer Wedding Xhame Wedding Cloete Wedding  
Van Heerden Wedding Esterhuizen Wedding Photo-booth Salon Arabella De Beers Wedding  
Smit Wedding Marnes & Adele Pre Wedding Marnus & Adele Beach Wedding Honeymoon beach  
Tjaart & Maryna Wedding Coetzee Wedding Coetzee Wedding Venue Coetzee Wedding Sermonie  





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