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Studio Photography Course


We now offer a follow-up photographic training course on Studio photography. This course will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skill to setup the equipment in a Photography Studio for different scenarios, either it be a portrait shoot , model shoot or for family photos.

The course consists of 10 Modules complete with applicable practical exercises, presented at our premises. We prefer to spread the lessons over 13 weeks in order to give the student enough time to practice and master the acquired techniques  from each lesson. A Practical assessment (Module 10) will be done at the conclusion of the course in order to test your competency.

Beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

The course is also available on DVD with email support for distance education. The Distance Education package consists out of two DVD's:

  • DVD 1 - Theoretical Lessons in Microsoft Word format

  • DVD 2 - Practical demonstrations of each module in the form of Video Clips.

Curriculum of Basic Studio Lighting Course

Module 1 : Functional description of Studio Equipment
Module 2  : Interaction with Studio Equipment
Module 3  : Electronic Flash functions and settings
Module 4  :  Single Flash Studio Settings  
  • Backlighting

  • Short lighting

  • Broad lighting

Module 5  : Double Flash Butterfly/Paramount Lighting
Module 6    : Double Flash Rim Lighting
Module 7 : Double Flash Portrait Lighting
Module 8  : Tipple flash High Key Lighting
Module 9  : Studio Poses
Module 10  : Practical Solo Model Photo Session (Evaluation)

Each One-on-One Lesson will last approximately 2 hours, except Module 10  which could take up to 4 hours.

Distance Learning Students must submit their Module 10 results via email for evaluation and commentary.


Basic Studio Lighting  Course -   One-on-One Training:          R6 000-00
Basic Studio Lighting  Course  - Distance Training DvD's:     R5 000-00

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