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On-Location Photography


"If you can't come to the Studio, we will bring the Studio to you"






Children & Infant Photos

The idea behind location portraiture is simple: a child's true personality and individuality shines at its brightest when they are allowed to be themselves in a familiar environment.  Unobtrusive observation allows the documentation of spontaneous smiles and laughter, as well as the unique and truly magical expressions a child makes as the explore the world around them.

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Special Events


Let us capture these golden memories for you in a professional way, by bringing professional studio lighting and backdrops to your event, if necessary in order to get the best possible representation of the proceedings.

  • Matric Farewell Functions

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Baptizing Ceremonies

  • Engagement Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Kitchen Tea/Bachelorette Parties

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Sport Events

  • Fashion Shows

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  Maternity Photos

Professional studio lighting is used exclusively during our photo session. Set up in the comfort and privacy of your home, studio lighting not only removes the unpredictable nature of the weather & natural light, it affords us the opportunity to spend more time with you the client, helping each woman accentuate her natural movements and expressions, imparting her own unique personality and emotion on each photograph. From a visual standpoint, we expertly controls the shadows and highlights within these maternity photographs to create visually stunning silhouettes of unmatched tonal range and beauty, elevating the unique lines of each pregnant woman’s body into an intimately timeless work of photographic art.

After your shoot, we choose a selection of the best images from each session to go through a detailed editing process. Chosen from many raw photographs, the selected pictures will be customly cropped to enhance composition, expertly adjusted for tonal range and completely edited to ensure flawless presentation.

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Babies & Infant Photos

Bringing a newborn baby home is one of the most exciting, surreal & let’s face it...tiring things you’ll ever experience. Between well wishing family members, round the clock feedings and a complete lack of sound sleep, the last thing most parents have the energy for is bringing their baby out for professional photographs. Yet, these pictures are what most moms & dads have thought about ever since they learned they were pregnant.

By bringing professional studio lighting and backdrops into the comfort or your home, we make capturing this amazing time in your baby’s life easy and fun. The relaxed sessions usually last about one to two hours. During the shoot, the parents primary “job” is simple...love your baby and leave the rest to us! Newborn sessions are best photographed either within the first 14 days or between 2-3 months.

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  School & Nursery School packages

Gemini Solutions have various School and Pre-school Photo packages to choose from. We bring our professional studio lighting and backdrops to your school to ensure a professional product. We also cater for group/class photos for the school yearbook or website.

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