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  Photo-shoots for Models

We cater for most of the mainstream photographic modelling genres, in order to provide our clients with a diversity of settings to choose from, ranging from fashion photography for editorial use, catalogs and modeling composites in various modern styles and trends. From urban studio chic to casual outdoors, to sports and kids fashion, we will deliver the photographs that will best fit your advertising needs, or enhance the appearance of your portfolio.

We have a cozy studio with multiple backdrops and a variety of props in order to recreate the image you have in mind. Our outdoor shoots ranges from the beautiful  Outeniqua Mountains, the brilliant white beaches of the Garden route to the evergreen indigenous forests of Knysna.
Our professional makeup artists and friendly photographers will make your photo session an unique and enjoyable experience...something that you would like to re-live. The majority of our photoshoots are covered by at least two photographers to provide the models the benefit of a diversity of photographer styles.

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Complete Portfolio Set @ R3 000.00


  Hd/SD Autoshow Dvd

  4 x Category Slideshows

  1 x 20 minute Live Video

  High Resolution Photo CD (for Printing)

  80 x High Resolutions Images of 4 x Model Categories

  1 x Electronic Comp Card

  8 Hour Photo Session

  1 x Portfolio Album (Leather)

  1 x Master Comp Card (ZED)

  12 x Colour A4 Enlargements

  8 x Black & White A4 Enlargements


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A strong portfolio opens doors, a weak portfolio closes them. Your portfolio is often the only thing a person sees before deciding whether or not to contact you, and in many cases you may not be present to explain it (particularly on-line portfolios). There are fundamental qualities that all outstanding portfolios share, and a variety of principals and techniques that can help take your portfolio from average to excellent. If at all possible, your portfolio should be appropriate to the situation and reviewer, and all portfolios should show creativity, skills, range, thought, and ambition. It is the overall combination of these, plus that "special something," that makes one model stand above the others. A Good portfolio is normally compiled out of all the exceptional photos from various shoots by a variety of photographers. Each photographer has his/her own unique style, and will portray a model in a specific way. By utilizing different photographers, a Model will be portrayed in a diversity of looks, which will provide prospective clients with a more complete image of the models abilities and attributes. We at Gemini Solutions therefore try to accommodate our clients by offering them various settings (& wardrobe changes) with at least two different photographers during each photoshoot.

We have a few standard packages to choose from but a package can be tailored to suite a model's specific requirements and/or budget.

Standard Packages

  • Mini Portfolio - One look, One setting with 2 Wardrobe changes
  • Basic Portfolio  - One look, One setting with 3 Wardrobe changes
  • Standard Portfolio - Two looks, One setting with 4 Wardrobe changes
  • Professional Portfolio  - Four looks, One setting with 4 Wardrobe changes
  • Electronic Portfolio  - One look, One setting with 3 Wardrobe changes
  • Complete Portfolio Set- 5 Looks,twee Setting with 5 Wardrobe changes.

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  Comp-Card/ZED Card

A Comp Card (also called Composite Card, Z card or ZED card) is a marketing tool for models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card. Comp cards have been around for many years as the essential marketing tool for a model and are likely to retain this standing because they are an inexpensive way to effectively and professionally showcase a model's ability. We assist our clients with the selection of pictures for the compilation of their Comp-cards (only Whow photos). We design a few different lay-outs, subject to approval of the client. The approved lay-out is then printed on high quality heavy grain double sided photo paper for final approval. The Comp card design is then used to mass reproduce Comp cards for marketing purposes.

To Note : A Comp Card typically contains a minimum of two pictures cover page with full size portrait and a second page with a broad selection of representative shots from the portfolio and the model's basic stats typically height, weight, three sizes (bust, waist, hips), shoe size, eye and hair color, nationality and contact information printed on both sides of an 8.5" x 5.5" (A5) piece of card stock


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