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Corporate Event Photography


We provide corporate event photography for all types of events across the Western Cape of South Africa. We are able to capture photos on-site with our mobile studio and Green Screen technology and host them on our Website for online viewing. We can provide simultaneous coverage of multiple events.

  • Award Ceremonies/Banquets

  • Employee Recognition Functions

  • Association Events

  • Fundraisers

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  Corporate Marketing Photography
  • Websites,
  • Ads,
  • Marketing collateral,
  • Annual reports,
  • Product catalogues

Whatever you require.....we've got you covered. Compelling and persuasive images are an essential component for successful business marketing initiatives. We will ensure that we understand your unique needs and know how to deliver.

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  Business Portraits

We cover the range from executive portraits, environmental portraits and headshots to workplace shoots for annual reports, press releases, brochures, websites and marketing materials. We bring our mobile studio to you and can shoot a "serious business in action" or a "friendly business working for you" look. You receive high res files for print and low res files for the web.

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Advertisements, Flyers & Brochures 

Advertisement can be seen everywhere - and about eighty percent of all ads use photography. Most advertisement these days consists of a few words and a stunning picture that should attract the viewer’s attention. We can assist you to create the most appealing image and presentation of the product you intent to sell. We will provide you with high resolution images for the printing press and low resolution images for web advertising.

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  Product Catalogue Photos
  • Are you in the retail industry?
  • Do you need a catalogue for your range of products.

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